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Apr 09 2018 · by Hugo O'Connor

What is cryptocurrency and why does it matter?

What is cryptocurrency? Where does it come from? How does it work? And why should I care?

Read more

Nov 14 2017 · by Hugo O'Connor

Category: ICO Review

Bloom Protocol ICO Review

This week I’m reviewing the ICO of a project hoping to stir up the credit rating industry. Read more

Nov 08 2017 · by Jonathon Miller

Category: Product Announcement

Announcement: New Platform Coming!

Announcement: Our Re-Brand and a New Platform Coming! Read more

Nov 08 2017 · by Jonathon Miller

Is Bitcoin the Esperanto of money?

I was listening to an episode of one of my favourite podcasts this afternoon, Freakonomics Radio, and they were exploring... Read more

Oct 30 2017 · by Rabbi Ahmed

Category: Market Analysis

Bitcoin Weekly Analysis — 30/10/17

Long Term Technical Analysis: BTCUSD — Daily Read more

Oct 27 2017 · by Jonathon Miller

Improving Customer Support

We are very happy to report that we have invested in growing our customer service team, and improving their policies,... Read more

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