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You’ve invested in bitcoin, soon you can invest in Bit Trade

Aug 29 2018 · by Jonathon Miller
Category:  Product Announcement

Five years ago, we founded one of Australia’s first cryptocurrency exchanges. Back then, it wasn’t easy or safe to buy and sell bitcoin, and our mission was to change that. The crypto space has since exploded into a whole new asset class, and, as new innovations roll over the horizon, we are ready to continue in true Bit Trade tradition – as first-movers in our industry.

In the next few weeks, you will hear more from our team about our upcoming equity crowdfunding. We are ready to share our plan to evolve Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange into an intuitive and intelligent single-sign-on gateway to the new world of investment. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Why trust us?

We began with one goal: to make it safe and easy for everyday Australians to trade cryptocurrencies. That goal hasn’t changed, and five years on, we have a proven record of security, adaptation, and innovation.

  • We started Australia’s first blockchain consulting company, Bit Trade Labs, and worked with some of the biggest names in the banking and professional services worlds, as well as with exciting startups that wanted to change the world.

  • We co-founded Australia’s first and largest industry body, Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), which has been instrumental in shaping and supporting the crypto and blockchain industry in Australia.

  • We were the first exchange in Australia to champion the the anti-fraud standards used in the banking sector, which have now been adopted across the industry.

  • We believe in our product and mission, and have been bootstrapped for the past five years despite opportunities for outside funding.

The future of Bit Trade

Asset tokenisation, Initial Coin Offerings, Security Token Offerings, distributed exchanges (DEX), and other developments are transforming the way we think about money and investment. We are on the cusp, and Bit Trade is ready to seize the next big opportunity.

With funds raised from this campaign, we will launch a suite of new tools, currencies, services, and functionalities, expanding our business into new markets both in Australia and overseas. Bit Trade will empower you to take control of your investments and engage with the world of blockchain assets with confidence. We don’t hold your assets. Instead, we will help you to manage your own wallet and work on ways to make this even easier.

Suite of tools and knowledge to manage your crypto portfolio

The Bit Trade platform will connect securely to the global market of blockchain assets through our Liquidity Gateway, a proprietary price aggregator that optimises trades across an ever-increasing array of local and international exchanges and market makers.

Single sign-on gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets

In summary, we are re-imagining the way you connect with blockchain investments, arming you with the tools and information you need on your pathway to financial freedom.

Why equity crowdfunding?

We believe in democratising investment in the digital age. Last year, laws changed in Australia to enable everyday Australians to invest in companies they support through equity crowdfunding.

As we engage in crowdfunding through Equitise, we give you the chance to invest in the blockchain space without investing in individual assets, which can be volatile. Your support gives us the opportunity to execute innovations we know will deliver value to you and the broader market.

What is equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding allows ‘the crowd’ (any Australian over the age of 18) to invest in early stage companies in exchange for equity. Unlike original crowdfunding, like Kickstarter, your investment buys you shares in the company which means you stand to profit should it do well.

Register your interest

Together, we can evolve and innovate to meet changes in this disruptive industry.

To register your interest in this crowdfunding just add your details using the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

Welcome to Bit Trade. Welcome to the future of money and investment.

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Like any investment, Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) is risky. Investors may lose their money and the business may not achieve its objectives. You should consider the CSF offer document and the general CSF risk warning contained in the offer document in deciding whether to apply under the offer.

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